Friday, March 6, 2015

Read Debate Rages Over A Chocolate Frog

You can read today's Dalek post, Debate Rages Over a Chocolate Frog, at Pocket Dalek & Friends.

Who would have thought a amphibian confection could prove so contentious?

Dragon Dave

Thursday, March 5, 2015

The Tantalizing Delights of Hogsmeade

With all the shops in Hogsmeade competing for our attention, one that captured it fully was a candy store. This display of Chocolate Frogs, along with the trading cards of witches and wizards included in each box, tantalized us with the possibility of compiling the complete set. (And, no doubt, a formidable army of frogs).

This display of delectables confounded even the most jaded palates.

While a display of Peppermint Toads had us croaking with delight,

this selection of Fudge Flies didn't promise us a pleasurable buzz.

In the end, we purchased an item both practical and tasty: a chocolate cauldron. I could eat the inside, and then use prepare potions. Of course, after storing away all the potions I could hope to need, I could then consume the cauldron in a manner befitting an accomplished wizard like myself.

Talk about having your cauldron and eating it too! But then, chocolate is a magical food.

Dragon Dave

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Our Arrival At Hogsmeade

When a steward opened our door, he ushered us from our cozy six-passenger compartment, and we walked down the train car's narrow hallway.

Disembarking the Hogwarts Express, we followed our fellow travelers out of the station, and soon saw signs marked Hogsmeade. We didn't recognize the name, but the air seemed fresher here in the country. And after our brush with the Dementors, any destination would have come as a relief, even the busy, noisy, crowded metropolis of London. Or for that matter, the busy, noisy, crowded metropolis of Orlando, which we also seemed to have departed. In any case, before us lay a delightful English village, with many shops and streets to explore. 

A surprising large number of people filled the streets. Perhaps it was the local market day? 

We could only wonder what we would discover in the village of Hogsmeade.

Dragon Dave

Monday, March 2, 2015

Happy Birthday Peter F Hamilton!

The first time I saw author Peter F Hamilton was at a panel discussion at the 2013 World Fantasy Convention in Brighton, England. He sat between two other distinguished authors, Kathleen Ann Goonan and William T Nolan, and didn't say a lot. But then, he was moderating the panel, so instead of talking, he tended to sum up the others contributions, and steer the conversation when he felt it drifting off course. I thought how great it was to attend the same convention with him, and hoped that I would get the chance to actually talk with him.

Later, I was able to sit down with him, and found him to be a laid-back, affable guy. I also enjoyed a reading he did. In addition to writing several posts about that experience, I also bought two books of his last year, and read one of them, a collection of his short stories (which I also wrote a few posts on). As a voracious reader, it's always nice to meet authors. Somehow, most don't match up to the image you've built up of them in your mind. So it's special when you meet someone whose works you've not only enjoyed, but have proven over time to mean more to you than the average story, and then find out that they seem every bit the person you imagined them to be. That's what my experience of meeting Peter F Hamilton was like: totally, completely positive, in every way.

If you'd like to read those other posts about him, you'll find some of them listed below. (You can find the rest by typing his name into the Search This Blog feature on the left, or clicking on his name from the Labels list also on your left). And if you're reading this, Peter F Hamilton, thanks again for making my time at the 2013 World Fantasy Convention extra special. I wish you a really happy Birthday: you're a great guy!

Dragon Dave

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Friday, February 27, 2015

Read The Big Freeze

You can find today's post, The Big Freeze, at Pocket Dalek & Friends. Just go ahead and click on it, and you'll instantly be like, oh, say, as happy as a Dalek at an Extermination Party. So go on, try it! Enjoy!